My Kathak Chronicles

Kathak Crossing Gender-Based Boundaries

Sitara Devi (November 8, 1920 - November 25, 2014), a remarkable dancing legend who created an impact on the entire framework of aesthetics, women empowerment, respectability, performance and cultural nationalism....

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My First Ever Kathak Performance

My first ever Kathak perfromance was in December 2014, and was a fundraiser for the Jaag Foundation. From the very beginning, I knew that the first performance I make in front of a large audience should also contribute to the greater good o...

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Pandit Durga Lal - An Unsung Hero of Kathak

Having been my guruma’s role model, and also her ‘dadaguru’, Pandit Durga Lal has largely influenced my journey in Kathak. I have frequently watched his awe-inspiring videos, heard stories about his perseverence and commitment to Kath...

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