Uttar Pradesh

Much before writing was introduced as a formal way of communication, dance forms became a major route to narrate stories and tales. Historically, every country harboured its own indigenous form of dance that was instrumental in putting that country on the pedestal of the world map.

India, with its diversity, has been home to some of the most elegant dance forms which garnered notable attention from the entire world. Kathak, like every dance form, has seen a magnificent journey with its share of influence across centuries

Kathak derives its name from an amalgamation of 2 Sanskrit words ‘Katha’ (story) and ‘katthaka’ (story telling). Professional story-tellers called Kathakars recited or sang stories about mythology, which led to invention of Kathak. The legacy was then passed on from generation to generation. This is how ‘Gharanas’ or schools came to life. Gharanas derived their names as per the part of the country they developed in. Lukcknow Gharana and Jaipur Gharana are two major schools which form the foundation of this classic dance form in India. Other Gharanas that followed, derive their lineage from these ‘Gharanas’.